To those we have lost, but never forgotten


ForeverGreen's Keepsake

ForeverGreen's Keepsake
DOB: 05/31/2003


Panthera Leonbergers would not have existed had it not been for Katie.
Katie was the best of everything a Leonberger should be. She had an amazing temperament, gentle and kind to people and other dogs.


Please read more about our Katie.




Cherrywood's Herou's Welcome
DOB: 2000-06-01


Our wonderful Leo boy had the quintessential Leo temperament. He was loving, loyal, loved people and was always up for a car ride. In his spare time, Harry stole the shoes of the person that he felt was not paying enough attention to him.




Mein Schutzengel Freya
DOB: 1996-11-25


She lived to be the ripe old age of 12 years and 9 months old!
Winner of numerous Spay/Neuter Awards at LCA national and regional shows.




Edmund von Stutensee
DOB: 1994-07-30


Eddie was our first Leonberger.  Not only was he handsome, he exuded the quiet, calm confidence that is a Leonberger trademark.  We saw it first hand in the patience he had with the two Corgis who made it their mission in life to pester him relentlessly.





Our first dog. He was with us for over 16 years!





Our first rescue. We had him for 16 years.

LCA Member Kennel

AKC Breeder of Merit